Sunday, February 14, 2016

My girlfriend

Wht to say?

I wanted to be a good daughter for u as promised a few years back.
Then, a big part of me already success.

2 hours on the road to reached hometown and left u on this weekend due to some reasons.

My dear girlfriend.
Specifically my mak,
Thank u for every single thing tht u done for me.
I can't pay u even I owned a mountain of gold and diamonds around the globe.

U r freaky awesome.
And I love u muchly.
Moga ALLAH setuju.

Friday, February 12, 2016

FEB 11, 1991

A love letter to my dearest youngest sister,

I missed u so badly yesterday.
Thats the day u returned to Allah Almighty before we meet and see even in my dreams...

I was thinking, are we have same some similarities?
Our faces,
Our noses,
Our skin color,
The way we laugh,
The way we talk,
The way we walk,

U r 25th yam,
Don't know why I called u yam..
But every time I went and visited u at the grave yard I used to call u the same name.
Do u like it?

Happy 25th sister
And I believe u smiling at me from jannah,
Will see u soon for sure.
I sayang hang