Wednesday, February 17, 2010


YUP! dis a true story from me. when we say we close 2 someone, let say 2 family, 2 friends.. we often act as though others understand precisely what we mean. it just bcoz we luv them 2 much. they r meaning everyting. just like me. n myb u think d same way like im thinking about. rite? i just want to make them happy at last. n until my last breath. since i was born, i wanna b a teacher. today, d dreams still d same. then, i ask my mum... "mum, may i b a teacher someday?" when im talking about my future, d tears start 2 drop. n d mocus from nose also start to flow out slowly...
i knew that im strong enough to do all this. as long as i will become what i wanna b.


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