Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3 P.U.L.U.H 1

1day i went 2 bookshop
but i cannot leave the shop yet
bcoz rain is falling down
i saw a man
in late of 50 age
he is cold and wet by the rain
he remind me 2 some1 special here
he still here
even we cannot meet and see
he always waiting 4 us there
i ll bring ur new friend daddy
u know daddy
hes kind
just like u
both of u stay at the same level here
he take a vry good care 4 mum and us since u not around
I am 2 shy 2 share this feeling directly with people
dat’s the real me
u know vry well kan
Oh ya
Ur diary safely with me
Even your spm result
ur diary always talking about the happiness with us
how lucky we was
Thank God
dats why I wrote here daddy
Because u luv writing
So do i
like father like daughter
This blog as my postman
Send a letter 2 u
Like u read and hear from ur world
But u not daddy
I knew that you not read anymore
No 1 cares
At least, my friends will read this
Thanks blogger
They behalf on u
Okey daddy
Tears already dropped here
Rest in peace


Puan Enatt said...

sayang, nak copy surat hg..nak post kt dady gak...

but he left nobody for us..


cikbedah said...

yes, plez. copy, paste n post ^_^