Thursday, April 14, 2011

4 P.U.L.U.H 4

Assignment 1

Based on the newspaper report on the need for corporate change of image by Starbuck, McDonalds or KFC, obviously companies do this to convey a favorable impression toward their policies, product and overall corporate health to their various publics.

As a television station is a very visible corporate entity, it need to nurture positive attitudes to its viewers, distribution partners, legislators, influential opinion leaders, and prospective investors/ shareholders.

1- So, why do telecommunication companies run corporate promotions? List the reason and briefly explain each one of them.

2- Why do telecommunication companies always want to establish brands, like Blue Hyppo for Telecom Malaysia, Nightline for TV3, and Hotlink for Maxis?

(i) What is brand, and what is the purpose of creating brand?

(ii) What are trademarks and trade characters?

any ideas for my assignment?

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