Thursday, May 26, 2011

5 P.U.L.U.H 8

dear my BFF out there
plez dont get me wrong
i need a little bit fun here
(do i ve any BFF)

i will says that my blog is my BFF
i really dont care if,
u r a boy or girl
he or she...
dear my BFF blog ever
listen carefully
u r my listener,
u r my shoulder,
u r my reader,
u r my book that i scratch on to
2 record and to save my whole life inside u
im happy to ve u
if im not around
u never call or listen 2 me anyway
it just bcoz u not living thing
and i really dont care
u living or not
u walking or not
u eating or not
u r my BFF in this world
lets get rock babe

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