Friday, August 10, 2012


how often we hear this reason? "I have no time" "I was busy, no time" "no time" and do we really care about time for something that we love tO? 1-MC or EL (emergency leave) just 4 shopping in thousands people at sogo? 2-going 4 watching movies? 3-stay up at night just to watch korean dramas in marathon? 4-dating? no reason "NO" 4 sure! have u ever heard dis?? time is GOLD! wish if time could be replaced with dollar or gold bars? moral of the story, there is no reason to do 4 certain things that we do not like as long as it promised that the future is more expensive than dollar and gold bars. and, we have time if we really need it and know how to appreciate it. do u? I DO. bcoz i have to

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