Monday, September 5, 2011

s.e.r.a.t.u.s 4

oh, salam aidilfitri.
still in raya mood (eating kepek bawang)
please dont get me wrong
i never been there
yet *
wish in future ****
pulak dah
celebrate dis raya in Malaysia
not somalia
in short
cameraman from BERNAMA TV ...
he was killed by a stray bullet
he is a fighter
matinya syahid fi sabilillah

so do i
my dream...
to be a fighter
but not war fighter
most specifically
peace fighter
cyber fighter
aka virtual fighter

oh somalia
belajar juga berjuang kn?
but why
mood still at my foot step?
oh malasnya

cakap nk bjihad
cakap nk jd pejuang kn?

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