Friday, October 24, 2014

15 TRIVIA about you!

ini Manis, 
1- she had an accident a few months back,
 2- due to that, Manis fractured her spine,
3- so she cannot walk properly.
4- and now she's not 100% recovered. 
5- and today on Friday, ALHAMDULILLAH, she gave  birth to these 3 kitten.. 
6- yes! she's not american shorthair, not sphynx, not maine coon or even bengal cat. 
7- yet, she's so special for me and my sister.. 
8- how the day i fallen in love with cat. 
9- and now i called this kitten Muezza
10- Muezza was born in breech condition wearing jersey NO2.
11- again, she had contractions from 6-9am this morning.
12- and it seems like they are in a good health, INSYAALLAH
13- Muezza is a tomcat but I decided to call him Muezza
14- yes, Manis and Muezza if you reading this, if you..
15- now you know that both of you are so special

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