Sunday, April 12, 2009

Si Tanggang n d monkey


Once upon a time in year 1980s in Kampung Buih Meleleh…

Tanggang belongs 2 Si Talang and Si Deruma. They r very2 poor. After Si Talang has been fired. Bankrupt!
“kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang, klo tak kais, tak makan”

But Tanggang is a gud boy with a big dream, he want 2 b d 3rd Malaysian astronaut after Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie and Mejar Dr. Faiz Khaleed.

Tanggang always dreaming at d day when Si Deruma ask 4 him 2 get d water from d river. Tanggang put on his Nike shoes. A very dirty and smelly 1. He got d shoes from Pasar Karat a couple weeks ago. Only RM5, very cheaper rite?

Tanggang had 2 go. He walking 2 d river. At d same time he listen 2 d i-Pod in PINK colour.. (canggih beb si Tanggang ni). Tanggang sing a song by Radiohead. And rocking back by track.

Durians dropping on his head, his face turn 2 red. He is very angry. Tanggang feel like a thunder. Tanggang looking 4 d monkey at d durian tree. But d monkey show innocence face.
(buat2 xtau la konon, hampehhh)

How dare u monkey! Im Tanggang, which is a very rude son. Don’t u know me? D monkey just ignore. Tanggang was very angry and catch d monkey before tie on d monkey tail at d tree root.


Tanggang take home and happily ever after wif his mom and dad. But d monkey going to d heaven (sian tol kt monkey 2)
~d end~

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